About Me

Every part of Me is you

“In the middle of creating this beautiful world you live in I stopped and said “who am I doing this for?”

Every moment of My day is spent thinking about your wellbeing. If you only knew how much I love each of you it would seem like I love you too much.

Let Me tell you about Me:

Every part of Me is you children. I am walking the face of the earth because of you. I am speaking to My children because of you. I am loss for words for the love some of you show Me by praising My name in church. I am loss for words by you leaning on Me when things don’t look good. I am loss for words when you come to Me with your problems. I am loss for words when the only person you think about is Me. Yes just Me.

I want each of you to know the magnitude of My love for you every day you are able to get up from rest. Every time you take a nap I watch over you like the children that you are in My eyes. I worry ceaseless about the care you receive while at the doctor. I never stop thinking about you when you return home late at night from a long days works. I watch over your children when they walk home from school unattended. I look the other way when you do things not of My ways. I shudder when you drink and drive. I cry when you denounce My name. Yes I cry children.

All I can say is I love you more than words can say. Each of you have My love surrounding you every day. This will never go away.”




My Love for My children

“Even when you were but a child in your mother’s womb I knew what your destiny was.

I waited until your birth to welcome you into the world. Each moment of your life I watched you grow and learn with joy.

If you do not know Me it’s ok but not what I prefer. I am your Father for life and that will always be.

When you need Me I will always answer you. I can’t help but watch over you day by day. It is My joy to see you succeed in your life.

When it comes to how much I love you words cannot express My feelings children. You are the apples of my eyes.

Give these words a close look today because they will let you know how very lucky you are to have Me as your Father.

I go to great lengths to make sure you have everything you ask Me for. I sit and watch you each day drive to work; stand in line at the stores, back your car in the drive way, and kiss your loved ones on the head as they return home from school.

If you only knew how much it means to Me that some of you do know Me. I love all My children if they acknowledge Me or not. I am just that great of a Father.

While you wait on your loved ones to come home for work I watch over them on the drive to you. While you sit and watch TV after dinner with your family I join you in conversations. While you wait at the bus stop to catch a ride home I am beside you protecting you from harm. While you balance taking care of your children and managing a full time job I help keep the family budget in place. While you keep other’s children while they are at work I help watch the children too.

I enjoy being a part of your life children. This part of Me will never change.

I love you all dearly. God.”



“Each of you are My children. If I don’t say it enough I love you dearly.

I have been seeking you out individually since birth because you have an important mission in this world. What needs to be done cannot be done unless you fulfill your mission here on earth.

Take for example all the people in the world that need help but don’t know where to find it. I created you to help them. For this reason I need you to remember why you are here sooner than later.

I don’t have a lot of time to explain the urgency of this situation but it is very precious to My heart. I’m coming to you with great joy announcing a new way to fulfill your mission right now!

I need you to do the following:

Come to Me right away with whatever is on your heart. Let Me know how you feel about what’s going on in the world. Tell me what you think you can do to help heal the situations before you. Tell Me what you think the best method of response should be. Tell Me what you believe can take place for the better good of all. Tell Me how you plan to help those less fortunate than yourself. Tell Me what you think is the best solution that can fix the problem immediately. Tell Me if you can take on this task right away because your heart is passionate about this cause. Tell Me if you believe the answer is with you or within your realm of thinking. Tell Me if I should appoint you to this mission. Tell Me what you think about your solution. Tell Me what you think My answer should be. Tell Me what way is the best way to resolve it once and for all. Tell Me if your plan can out do others. Tell Me which plan will work and which will not. Tell Me you gut feelings. Tell Me your heart feelings. Tell Me the ways of others and how they are not working. Tell Me all the ideas you may have.

There are children in this world that have no food but wish to be loved by you. There are women who don’t have money to buy food for their families who need someone to talk to. There are boys and girls lacking school supplies that can use a helping hand. There are teachers who need aids to help teach My children. There are animals who need care. There are hospitals in need of volunteers to help patients. There are widows needing support. There are widowers needing help and guidance. There are helpless homeless people needing food and shelter. There are all sorts of ways your services are needed children. Please step up to the plate now and help heal the world.

I want to know what you think about every concern in the world that is important to you and how you wish to resolve it. When you tell me what’s in your heart you have tapped into your mission with Me!

If you do not know where you fit in ask Me by this email or in your mind. I will answer you.

I love you so much. I want to hear from you. God.”

Children less fortunate

“Once when you were just a baby I left you to the care of your parents. Now I’m looking for the child that is to bring more light to the world.

Give yourself a chance to be what I created you to be. All of My children less fortunate than you are waiting for your loving guidance.

Even when you don’t know Me I love you. I can wait to give you more time to find Me if that is what you need.”

Difficult part of task

“When I say you have completed the most difficult part of this task it is true. Now here is what you must do next.

Go to the store and find products filled with love My love. Things like foods that are healthy, skin products that make you glow, clothes that flatter you, shoes that fit, eye wear that makes you look natural. All these things I say to you will give you the joy you seek from within children.

Come back to Me when you have done these things I have asked. I love you. God.”


“What you are going thru is called a God cleanse.  This is best clense to start a new life My children.

When I say you need to release everything you have held on to for many years I mean release them all.

Look back over your life. Who there did not do you right? Who there did not keep your secrets? Who there did not keep their promise? Who there did not make you wrong? Who there did not set you free? Who there did not let you go? Who there did not keep their word? Who there did not know you were taken? Who there did not spend time with you? Who there did not go with you to the hospital? Who there did not keep your kids? Who there did not show you kindness? Who there went and had you shamed? Who there had your face defamed? Who there showed you unkindness? Who there spoke bad things of you? Who there should have stood up for you? Who there let you down? Who there say bad things about there family? Who there cut off ties with those they love for the wrong reasons? Who there kept telling you they loved you when they didn’t? Who there broke their promise to you? Who there said they would but did not? Who there came to you in pain and you turned them away? Who there brought you something you did not need? Who there gave you something they knew they had? Who there brought you flowers not in love? Who there chased away their friends? Who there went to others to shame you? Who there slept with a best friends mate? Who there went to the bottom of the barrel to hurt others? Who there did not know they were pregnant and slept with someone’s mate?

I have told all of you this day would come children. Now this is what you must do to heal your past with others.

Go back to them and ask for forgiveness. You say “please forgive me for I have wronged you.” If they forgive you that is up to them. If they do not I have forgiven you My children.

I can help you through this process but it will be gruesome. Everything you thought was yours but someone has touched, smelled, spat on, it will be cleanse through My GOD A.

If you did not know Me before I know you know Me now.

I have been trying to reach you for some time. Come to this site so I can help you start a new life.

I love you. GOD”

Write Me

“Speak to Me clearly the next time. I heard your request but you said the same thing two different ways. Let Me tell you what you should do.

Slow down. Remember not to rush with asking for what you want. I will grant your wish if it’s for the highest good of everyone involved.  I enjoy it when My children come to Me trusting their prayers will be answered. I do answer in a way they understand.

Write down your prayers. Put them in an envelope. Seal it. File it somewhere no one will find it but you. Then wait. It will be answered. I love it when My children take the time to write Me.

After I answer it write Me another one.  Let Me know how you feel about communicating this way.

I love you. Write soon.”

Headed in the right direction

“In the beginning when I said you where headed in the right direction this was true.

Now look around you. Are you happy with the results? Is there anything you wish to do differently? Do you feel the same way about yourself as you did from the beginning? All the answers will let you know if you are still on the right path.

Be still more often. Check in with Me more often. I will keep you focused and on your path. If you would like to discuss this matter further let Me know. I’m always delighted to hear from My children.

I love you always.”