Give Me your all

“I give you all that I have for your service in return children. Your dreams are safe with Me. I can help you fulfill them. Go to the nearest park, the nearest store. Look around. What you see are dreams from others fulfilled. Your thoughts create your reality dear ones. I want you to dream big, so I can bless you big! I love you all.”

Nothing is too big or small for the Creator to help you accomplish! Your talents, skills and abilities such as those gifted in design, landscape, scenery make the world beautiful! Whatever your gift, the Creator can help you make it reality!

Make a wish

“Grant your wish and I will respond children.” It’s ok to ask for anything you need dear ones. I am Omnipresent with gifts for all that ask. Sit still more often and talk with Me children. I hear all your needs but can not intervene on your free will.

Each of you should come to me with everything you can think of to make your life happy! Material and non-Material items that bring you joy! I can make your dreams come true if you let Me children. I am your champion at heart!”

Your wish is the Creator’s command! What do you desire? Make it known! Put in your requests! Heaven is waiting to bless you!

For all to see

“With all of My heart I say to you children, you bring light to the world. Each of you is a bright light of love.  Others see that brightness within you. It glows with love. Welcome this gift children. It’s needed in the world desperately today. I can help you polish this light for others to see better. Your purpose awaits you dear ones. I love you.”

Everything within you was created from love, God’s love. Your light is love. God’s love can dissolve any fear, so you can share your light with the world!

Free yourself

“Free yourself of any worries you man carry from day-to-day children. Give me your worries. I will give you peace of mind in return. Your mere essence is peace, serenity, gold. You are precious to me this much children. Bring about any concerns for me to reconcile dear ones. I can teach you to worry less, pray more. Concern yourself with Me instead of chores of no reward. I teach you love, balance and calm in your life. Give Me a chance to show you the world in a new light dear ones. I love you.”

What this means:

Spend more time praying than worrying. God has the answer to all your worries. Put Him first. Give all problems to Him. Enjoy a happier, peaceful and fulfilling life in return. You are loved beyond measure!

Connect with Me

Ask Me to sit inside your heart and I will. Proclaim “My heart is open to you God, please come sit inside my heart,” and it’s done! Our relationship will flourish from there dear ones. Your life, your destiny will change according to My will for your life. It will be beautiful and blessed every day with Me as your guide.”

God is waiting to start an intimate relationship with you! There’s nothing but “more” love waiting for you!

Just love

“Because I love you so much children, I can be available whenever you need Me. My ear is to your heart. I can hear your worries, prayers, struggles and joys all at once.

Rely on My strength and power to see you through dear ones. My love for you is everlasting, always, eternal, never to leave you My children.

Reach Me wherever you are. In the shower. On the road. On an airplane. Riding your bike. I am here waiting for you with My love always.”

The Creator is available at your beckoning call 24/7. Whatever you need, He’s your source. No one loves more!

Without delay

“Reasons for delays come from too many tasks on your plate children. Simplify your life by eliminating things of no priority at this time. Come to Me often to help you through difficult situations. My answers will heal your problems, turning them into love for one another dear ones. I look forward to our union as partners to save the world from further heartache and pain dear ones. Won’t you join Me. Your services are needed everywhere you can imagine. With love.”

Simplify and minimize things of less importance in your life. If not known, ask the Creator to help you discover your purpose as it may involve being of service in the world!