About Me

Hi, I’m Jacqueline Johnson-Brown.  In 2009 major life changes pushed me unto my Spiritual Path and my life has changed in healthful, happier ways!  I discovered Angels (Spiritual beings, messengers of God) are among us.  Their mission is to help and to heal the earth.  There are also Earth Angels (Lightworkers) here, in the physical world, who help the Angels help others.  Lightworkers are people whose soul volunteered for Divine assignments here on earth. A long story short, I found out who I was with the Angel’s help.  I am a Lightworker aka Spiritual Messenger for the Creator.

At this time in my life, my assignment from God is to share messages of love, hope and joy to His children. Each of us are unique in that we have a specific purpose to fulfill for personal or divine reasons. For those with Divine assignments here on earth, this blog is especially for you! As God speaks through me, so will I share with you. All messages may not resonate with you, but for my words that do, take positive action right away. Your purpose is needed in this world now. Time is of the essence.

I pray that everything I share on behalf of the Creator helps to improve who you are, gain understanding of why you are here and blesses you to be the amazing, beautiful light God created you to be. In Jesus name, Amen!

With sincere love,



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