Seek Me!

““I speak to you this way to reach those who seek Me. I am here, waiting on your call to unite with Me on this journey called life. Believe in Me and I can show you things only your dreams can imagine dear children. Walk with Me now to lighten you load. Talk with Me often to reduce the amount of chatter in your mind. Speak your heart dear ones. Let me know what’s on your minds.

Each of you came here to assist Me in healing the world. I need you to step into your role and do so for Me. Be strong, courageous, honorable, thoughtful, considerate to those that need your support dear ones. I can be of more help in making sure your path is bright, come to Me. Bring your worries and cares. I can heal them which enables you to focus on Me My dear children. I wait for all who seek Me. I’m waiting for you to reach Me dear ones. With love, your Father!”

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