Great call!

“Which one of you dare to help the world first is My question? Do you believe in yourself to make a difference in this world? I believe in you dear children!

Pull your strength from within as you are equipped with everything you need to succeed, love ones!

Bring your bravery to the table. Sit with Me. I can give you more strength to conquer all before you in this life dear ones! Believe in yourselves and your ability to make a difference in the world children. It’s ready for your grand appearance dear ones!

Lakes, rivers, shores, oceans, need assistance and care My children. The sky, the earth, the atmosphere is at risk too! Do you believe in yourself like I believe in you? Courage is your birthright! Success is yours to claim for all that follow Me!

Please take action according to your heart’s desires for this planet, children. Your help in improving the world calls you to service now My children.

Come and see Me dear ones!  I call each of you by name, one at a time to rescue, save, protect, heal, assist, give and share your love and services children!

Provide your techniques to others that only you can perform. I created no other like you dear ones. Each with their own gifts to bring service to the world!

If you believe in Me, join Me now to help others dear ones!  Your services are needed! Your patients are waiting. Your hands craft joy for others. Your feet make people laugh. Your smile can light up a child’s life. Your ears hear what others miss.

Bring all of you to help all of Me shape the world into a better place children! I wait for you dear ones. Come join Me!”

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