Grow your love!

Dear ones,

Continue to focus on being of service in this world. I gave each of you the gift of balance to multi-task your needs and fulfill My purpose for your life.

Come to Me often to share your concerns about the matters of your life. I can help you sort things out for your highest good, children. You will see. Give Me a chance to assist you dear ones.

Go to the nearest charity of your heart’s passion and give beyond measure that which you can afford – your love, your time, your efforts, your gifts I have blessed you with!

The world needs you now more than ever dear ones! Heed My call with sincerity to go and be of assistance.

I can help you with anything you need when you follow My will for your life. Time is wasting children. I need you to step up now and give, share, promote your love to others in need dear ones! I love you!”

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