Chance with Me

Give God A Chance.

“Give Me all the reasons in the world to bless you children. I will do it anyway, but give Me more. I can rearrange your life for the better in wondrous way.  Give our relationship a chance dear ones. I am here waiting for your call to invite Me into your life. It takes but a minute to make our union complete. Just ask “God, come into my heart and sit with Me,” and I will, quickly, dear ones. I love you all.”

More understanding:

Give Me all the reasons in the world to bless you children: “If My children take but a moment to convene with Me, we can make miracles happen in the world. Right now, they are busy with their own lives, harried and restful with no time to spend with Me. I long to develop a relationship with each of them if they try.”

Within Me

Within God1.jpg“Within Me are all the answers to your prayers children. You don’t have to seek answers elsewhere, they are with Me. I can transpose your dilemmas into sanctimonious experiences of joy if you let Me. Come to Me now so I can show you what we can achieve together as One team. I love you all.”

More understanding:

I can transpose dilemmas into sanctimonious experiences of joy: “When My children have a problem, they run to others for advice instead of Me. This in turn delays the answers to their prayers. If they come to Me first, decisions are resolved quickly, never to return because I hold the answer to all their problems.”

Beside you

Beside you1

“Whisper My name and I will come. Talk to Me. I will respond. Rejoice in My name, I spread My presence among you. I am your Guide for life dear ones. You are My dreams and hopes of tomorrow. Base your good deeds on Me not the neighbors. I grant your wishes with love. Let Me go over My life plan for you!”

More understanding:

Base your good deeds on Me: “When My Children do for others they sometimes fail to invite My presence in the situation, when in fact the deed was My idea not theirs.”

Let Me go over My life plan for you: “Each child has a destiny I set for them. When their work is of My plan for their life, their work is filled with love, peace; dreams come true.”

I wait

God waits on us

“Come to Me children. I wait with open arms. You may not need Me now, but I still wait. Each of you have the pleasure of My company always and forever.

Each day I wait for you to call My name to rescue you from harm or danger. I do so with joy. Lean on Me more. I can help you with all things that matter to you most. Remember to call Me. I wait with love.”


Inseperable2“You can’t reach me by phone. You can’t reach Me by mail. You can only reach me in your heart dear ones. We are connected for life. We share together. We care together on this journey called life. I am beside you when you mourn. I am with your when you rejoice children. Every moment of My life is dedicated to you.  I can’t live without you. You can’t live without Me. We are One.”