Your messages of love

“Focus on what can you do differently this time around.

If I say I’m with you believe it. Each moment you look up to see an object that reminds you of Me, that’s My way of saying I’m here by your side.

Take great care creating from your thoughts. Sometimes you forget to ask Me what you should create next.

You can help others with your spiritual gifts by focusing on the beauty inside your messages of love.

If you don’t remember how to manifest your other desires I can help you. Just ask.

Go to others in the same line of work and observe how they teach. It will surprise you by far to know you are capable of the same.

I love you. Keep up the great work you do in My name.”

The way you see others

“Each day I am aware of what goes on in your life child. If you would stay where I can teach you how to see this situation from a different point of view, you would realize I’m always with you.

Take that idea about changing the way you see others and build upon it. Once you realize you and they are the same, it will quickly dissolve your worries about losing what belongs to you.

There is plenty for all My children. Not one has more than the other.

Now return to them all the love they are sending your way. You will feel better and be thankful they care for you. This way you will know all My children can get along with each other. There is no need for conflict.

I ask, what can you accomplish on your own if you need My children to help with a solution you can’t understand?

Be patient with yourself. Don’t rush to judge. All My children are here to help one another.

It is important you understand each word I say. When you do, your world will change around you creating the joy and happiness you desire.”

Happy or harsh about Me

“Seek ye first Me. You can look in the other direction and I will be there too.

Why is it so hard for you to believe you can reach Me this way? You asked Me to respond and I am.

When you look for Me I’m looking for you. As a team we will build time together for the glory of the world. I don’t go around chasing My children to help them. They know where to find Me always– in their heart, waiting, listening to their every word be it happy or harsh about Me.

This method of disowning Me is but a small piece of the mind of My children. When they discover how valuable I can be to them, their world changes around them. After which, all they want to do is please Me.

So take what I’m saying and think about the ways I can help you change your life for good. I’m not here to block anything you wish to do. I am here to help you do better.

Be patient with the process. We will come together when we should. I love you.”

Cheering you on

“Which can take you further is the question you should ask before committing to more chores related to the direction you wish to go. I can help you see things clearer if you ask.

Be the one to show Me how much you value being around those who benefit you the most. I can see you are growing by leaps and bounds within your new surroundings. This is joyous to see.

Welcome the opportunity to learn more. I am with you cheering you on. Those not use to your way of doing things will adjust accordingly. Don’t be afraid to show them who you truly are. They need to see others as bright as you come forward with a new approach to doing things.

Keep your spirits high. I’m watching your every move. Pray always. I listen to every word you say.

I love you always.”

Higher level of helping others

“Get rid of items you no longer need to fulfill your purpose. If they have been with you for some time, it’s a sign their use is not relevant anymore.

There are many other products to help you rebuild your practice to a higher level of helping others. Your gift is special. It will always be needed by others. Now change your routine to attract more people who need you.

Start by looking over every detail of your work. Ask yourself, “what more can I do to be of service to others?” “How can I reach those who need me the most?” Ponder these questions and I will help you discover the answers. Your gift is magical to those less fortunate child. Keep using it to help others.

I’m watching over you each day with love. If you receive a new idea, it’s from Me. You will know because it will fill your heart with love.

Go now and keep sharing and helping those who need you. I will send more work your way as a token of My appreciation.

I love you. Keep going.”

This direction is wrong

“Schedule the next appointment with Me about your concern.  It’s easy to resolve and I have the answer you need.

If who you see doesn’t resonate with you, you are not seeing the best person for your problem. This sensitivity, the one you feel in their present is real. It is your body’s way of telling you this direction is wrong.

Pay attention to the other signs I reveal to you. Ignoring them is a sure sign you do not want My help.

I will keep trying to be of assistance as I only want to see you happy. If this next visit is not what you expect then heed your physical sign warnings.

You are gifted. Use those gifts to help yourself see others for who they truly are.

I love you and will continue to keep My eyes on this problem in your life.

Open up to Me more and I can show you the real meaning of true love child. I’m at your fingertips always.”

Let Me help you now

“Give Me the problem you are concerned with. Your way of resolving it doesn’t work anymore.

This issue is beyond your level of understanding which is why it keeps repeating in your life.

If you believe in Me to heal others, you must believe in Me to heal you. You are My child. I love you just as the others. Everything I would do for them I will for you. So release it to Me for good.

In case you don’t remember it was Me who stepped in at the last issue to be resolved. Why would you not think I am not the answer you need now.

Problems don’t go away unless you heal them. I can show you how to heal this situation once and for all.

Give Me the opportunity to make your life better. You deserve it.

With all My love I ask you to let Me help you now.”