God’s word on CHANGE

Since many of us are experiencing changes in some part of our life— relationships, careers, finances, I asked God for direction to help us better understand and cope during the process. The following guidance came through:

-Check with God first

-Not all change is bad

-Follow God’s guidance navigating through change

-Rely on God when times get tough

Meditate on His message. Is there something there for you to learn from? Can you make a positive change based on what He has to share? Will your life be better if you follow His guidance? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when reading His message. The word “they, them, their” refers to Me and you.  “I love you,” is referring to you. Following is God’s message in detail:


“Change is a part of life. Without it, they would not grow. Each of them are adapt to change in different ways to survive here on earth.

What they should do is focus on the following when change is in the air:

My children should wait to hear from Me before they decide to respond to change. Not all change is from Me but from their on doing – how they think, what they say, how they respond to fear and daily life stress. They can beat the effect of change if they come to Me first.

Next, they should never view all change as bad. Some change is good. They need to wait and evaluate it before making a decision to judge it. Not every day will be perfect. It they lean on Me, change will not be so hard on them.

Next, they should obey My guidance to navigate through change. The decision they make early will affect the duration of the change process. All of them can rely on Me to help them adjust to each step in the healing process of dealing with change.

They can come to Me with all their problems. I can help them see the situation more clearly; from a non-judgmental way. I love you. Suffering is not My method of change, but My love will help them through the process.

They should always rely on Me when life is tough. I know the road ahead of them and can direct their path accordingly. I will never steer them wrong. I love them so.

All that come to Me will receive My help as they need Me. All that don’t, I’m standing by waiting on their call.”

When you come to the Father with your problems, they will be resolved. Maybe not overnight, but change will happen for your highest good. We can’t predict the future, but we can control how the future affects our life if we rely more of God’s guidance than our own knowing.

We give life to the words we speak. Affirmations shape our experiences in life. In other words, what we say can help or hurt us. During times of change, know that God is with you. Say affirmations to improve the situation. Try the following:

-When I need God, He is always there.

-Change can’t control Me, I control change with God’s help.

-All change is not bad change, but blessings in disguise.

-I walk thru change with God by my side.

-I view change as positive so the outcome is positive.

-God is with me through all change.

Without God, we can survive, however with God we can conquer all. No, everyday won’t be perfect, but less stressful when challenge and change threatens to wear us down. Meditate on His message.

May God’s glory shine down on you. May His strength carry you. May His love sustain you at all times of your life. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen!

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