The way out

“Every day I witness some of you fall short of your glory because you think I’m not there to help. This is not true dear ones.

Let me explain. If you call out for Me in the middle of a disaster created through your thoughts, you have to restrain from allowing yourself to fall victim to what you believe. You are the only one who can change a dire situation. You can do so by allowing yourself, your true self, which is Me take over the problem.

For example, if you are in a situation and there seems to be no way out, Ask Me, your higher self, what your next step should be. The answer will come. Your problem will get resolved.

If you need validation that I can hear you, ask “God can you hear Me?” and I will respond in a way you will understand.

Practice this method of saving yourself from situations you don’t intend to be in. I will help you through it every time My children.

Don’t worry about hurting other’s feelings. This should not be your concern, but mine as I created the other being as well as you. So, I know their feelings firsthand.

Save yourself from further heartache and pain by asking your Higher self, Me, to remedy the situation for you. You will be amazed at the results that follow. I love you.”

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