Communicate with Me

“If you bring yourself to believe you can talk to Me, you really can children. Let Me tell you how.

I have been around for ages. My ears hear all of you at one time. I decipher every word you speak to Me. I transpose your thoughts to be what you are trying to say to Me.

Bring yourself to know you can hear Me, and you can. I have special communication techniques to hear every word you say in one breath. I have the ability to hear what you need Me to hear, not what you are saying which can come from your ego at times.

Make the time to communicate with Me on a regular basis. I am here always. I can’t go anywhere without you because I dwell in your heart dear children.

If you ask Me to respond in a special way, I can. No problem. If you need Me to go some place special and relay My message, I can dear ones. There are no limits in the ways you can reach Me. I am everywhere you are always.

Don’t be a stranger in getting to know Me. We can be best friends for life. I can teach you how to improve all areas of concern in the things you care about most. I will show you where to improve to make your life better for the long run. I will help you increase your personal power to navigate through change.

Believe in My power to help you dear ones. Let’s communicate on a deeper level to grow our relationship. I welcome the opportunity to meet you anywhere you choose. I’m reachable always.”

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