“Children, when I created you, I thought of every detail necessary to help you fulfill your purpose in life. I started with your aura, how it should shine to others, your features, how they should look to accommodate your life path, your eyes, how they should look at others, and your hair, what color it should be to compliment all of you. I left no detail to wonder about. I completed you perfectly to fulfill My will for your life.

When I look upon you now I see changes not directed by Me, but your own free will. This is fine if you are happy with the end result of your decision.

Please know I created you the way you look for a Divine reason. If you wish to change all that I have done, remember to leave room for more changes you are not prepared for.

What I mean is this: when you modify a perfect creation from love, you change the direction in which I intended you to go— you change how things will turn out for your future, you change what gifts may have been in store for you.

Appreciate yourself as you are, My children. Your features are to be shared with those with no other to look up to. They are a gift to encourage your sisters and brothers to aspire to. They are supposed to help you help others be better suited with themselves.

All that you change cannot be reversed to it’s natural state without My assistance dear ones. Be careful how you treat yourself. Others admire your natural state over a man-made state.

Give yourself permission to be who I created you to be and you will be happy all your life.”

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