The right answer

“Wait for Me to let you know who to reach out to for your inquiry. Everyone you think of is not the answer. When you have all the details, work with Me to get the right answer.

Be still so I can help you sort out the problem the right way. When you jump to conclusions you interrupt the answer I’m sending your way. Just be still long enough to hear Me out before you declare failure of the situation.

Let me show you how to minimize what you wish to accomplish and make it more manageable. I can help you see it from a different perspective.

Evaluate all the answers you have received thus far. Are any of them what you wish them to be? If not, you are going in the wrong direction.

This problem can be worked out in a different way. Reach out to Me for more help with this one or others may come up from making the wrong decision again.

When you lean on Me you get all the answers you need to bring happiness into your life. Let Me help you with this one. I love you.”

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