Magnitude of My gifts

“If you believe in Me you know I will never fail you. Think for a moment the last time you had a crisis and how everything was resolved. That was Me for your highest good.

I love you. I can never stop. So, waste no time coming back to Me for assistance with all your needs. I already know what they are.

Take your gifts and give them to others with love. All that love will be returned with more blessings from Me.

Your will can override Mine at anytime.  This free will is My gift to you beside the fact of giving you everything else you desire in life.  However, you will find the most rewarding gifts of all when you fulfill My will in your life. The magnitude of My gifts will exceed your free will trophies by a land slide.

I speak from My heart letting you know of the great treasures that await you when you choose My path for your life.

You can’t outdo what I have to offer. It’s unimaginable.

I can show you at a glance what the rewards are for following My guidance, but you first must come to Me with an open heart and mind. I love you.”

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