Working in vain

“Take the next step now to change the direction of your life. All you have to say is “God is my strength. I can do all things through Him.”

I’m waiting to see what your next step will be. The ideas you ponder won’t bring you the satisfaction you seek.

Gather all you have done to date. What does it add up to? If it was done in love, the fruits of your labor will identify the source of your joy. If it was not, you are working in vain.

Every time you come to me with a question, I have provided the answer in a way you will understand. Keep trying to reach Me as you have. We will both be on the same page soon.

I haven’t seen any acknowledgment of the past. It is safe to say you are feeling better now.

I can give you everything you want but that which will serve you no good. I hope you understand the point I’m making child. I love you dearly.”

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