Happy or harsh about Me

“Seek ye first Me. You can look in the other direction and I will be there too.

Why is it so hard for you to believe you can reach Me this way? You asked Me to respond and I am.

When you look for Me I’m looking for you. As a team we will build time together for the glory of the world. I don’t go around chasing My children to help them. They know where to find Me always– in their heart, waiting, listening to their every word be it happy or harsh about Me.

This method of disowning Me is but a small piece of the mind of My children. When they discover how valuable I can be to them, their world changes around them. After which, all they want to do is please Me.

So take what I’m saying and think about the ways I can help you change your life for good. I’m not here to block anything you wish to do. I am here to help you do better.

Be patient with the process. We will come together when we should. I love you.”

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