This direction is wrong

“Schedule the next appointment with Me about your concern.  It’s easy to resolve and I have the answer you need.

If who you see doesn’t resonate with you, you are not seeing the best person for your problem. This sensitivity, the one you feel in their present is real. It is your body’s way of telling you this direction is wrong.

Pay attention to the other signs I reveal to you. Ignoring them is a sure sign you do not want My help.

I will keep trying to be of assistance as I only want to see you happy. If this next visit is not what you expect then heed your physical sign warnings.

You are gifted. Use those gifts to help yourself see others for who they truly are.

I love you and will continue to keep My eyes on this problem in your life.

Open up to Me more and I can show you the real meaning of true love child. I’m at your fingertips always.”

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