The way you see others

“Each day I am aware of what goes on in your life child. If you would stay where I can teach you how to see this situation from a different point of view, you would realize I’m always with you.

Take that idea about changing the way you see others and build upon it. Once you realize you and they are the same, it will quickly dissolve your worries about losing what belongs to you.

There is plenty for all My children. Not one has more than the other.

Now return to them all the love they are sending your way. You will feel better and be thankful they care for you. This way you will know all My children can get along with each other. There is no need for conflict.

I ask, what can you accomplish on your own if you need My children to help with a solution you can’t understand?

Be patient with yourself. Don’t rush to judge. All My children are here to help one another.

It is important you understand each word I say. When you do, your world will change around you creating the joy and happiness you desire.”

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