Build your self-worth

“If those you believe in can make you happy, step up the ladder to more joy by trusting in Me more.

I have all the answers you need to build your self-worth issue you struggle with continuously.

What will it take to convince you how shallow the ones you believe in are.

You can’t get an answer from those you desire because it requires total trust in them and you do not believe they have your best interest at heart.

Loose yourself from these companies. You have better things to do besides keep company with people that don’t believe you are who you say.

There are those in the world that will appreciate what you have to offer. Give them a chance to support your work. It is valuable to many. You will see.

Go back to the beginning of your journey with this project and try a new approach. The answer is there in the ideas you left on the table.

I am here to let you know you are on the right path to fulfill your dreams. Keep following your heart. I love you.”

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