By your side

“Believe Me every time I say I am with you children. Let Me tell you how to know this is true.

When you wake up in the morning I am there by your side listening to your every prayer for the day. When you get off the train in the evening, I walk with you to your next connection for traveling home.

You can not get away from My love. It surrounds you daily; in your car, beside you on the trail, near you on the beach, awaiting your every call.

I live in you, among you, and beside you all day. So you are never without Me. Ever.

If you don’t believe Me, sit for a moment and ask yourself when was the last time I asked God for something and He didn’t keep His promise. Ask yourself when was the first time I put in a request and it wasn’t granted. If you can’t think of any occasion this means all your prayers were answered. If you remember something unusual this means your ego interfered with My Divine intervention and your prayer was unanswered due to lack of faith in Me.  

So rest your worry about Me leaving you alone. It’s impossible. I won’t have it because I love you so.”

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