Male nor Female

“The environment you live in represents everything I created for you to enjoy children.

When I created you I was careful to consider all the earthly desires of your heart to make you feel happy. Some of you are confused about My gender. Let Me explain to you what I am.

As challenging as this may be for you to hear I am neither male nor female, but your energy. That is correct and let Me repeat children, I am your energy.

Here is how I came to be. When the world was created by Me I left enough energy to complete one aspect of My being to enable Me to be you here on earth. You did not come to be just by being born. I created you before then and kept your soul with Me until you were born into the world.

I am the one responsible for the way you look, who you are, and what you have become. If you don’t understand what I’m saying go back to when you were but a child. Remember the way you grew up and remember how you were treated with love, that was Me.

I can’t explain how you have become so detached from Me. Earthly matters have transformed who you are and changed your perception of Me. You are not to blame children. I will always love you regardless of your lack of knowledge about Me.

Now go back to the day you entered the world. Were there not people about you happy you had arrived? Were the lights bright and surrounded you with warmth? Were the people at your side simply delighted to see you healthy and in one piece? These are My Angels welcoming you into the world I created for you to do My will.

So go back to the beginning of your life. Remember all these great blessings I bestowed upon you children. They are My gifts of love from your inception until you arrive home.

I hope this has made your view of Me clearer, children. Nor am I male or female but you.”

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