Never been out of your sight

“When can you tell Me was the last time I did not respond to the same question you ask?

If you take a moment to reflect on the past, you will remember a time when your day was so disturbed you could hardly remember who you are. I came then to help clear the energy around you to help you hear My answer.

There was another time when your heart was broken and the only one you could turn to was Me. I have never been out of your sight dear one. I’m always there as you need Me. As a matter of fact, I can tell you just whom you can say is there for you most. It is not who you believe, but who you know is worthy of your time.

I can’t be the blame if I try to help but you reject My way of assisting you. Please know I have tried very hard to reach you on the inside. You can’t hear Me from the noise that surrounds you in your place of employment.

Go outside often to talk with Me in your mind. I can hear every word you say to Me dear one. Give me another opportunity to reach you and I will tell you what you need to hear to help your situation.

I will try again to assist you with this matter. I love you dearly My child.”

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