Change your life completely

“Begin with starting your day with Me.  When you get up ask Me to help you start your day. Ask Me what your next step should be. Ask Me how you should proceed with that project.  Ask me what should you say to those that make you feel bad about yourself. I can help you with all these things child.

Now, I can show you how to change your life completely, but you must have full faith in Me first. You must open up yourself and way of thinking to allow My changes to manifest in your life.

I have the most amazing effect on My children when they get to know Me. They fall in love with Me. They never want to be without Me. So let me share My love with you child.

I can see you are lost and need direction. Since I created you, I know what’s best in every area of your life. So trust Me with your heart.

I will not lead you astray but closer to your Divine life purpose you are seeking.

I’m here waiting for your next call. I love you dearly child.”

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