Tapped into Me

“I am the one who brings you the peace you desire in your life right now.  When you realize what you have tapped into you will know it’s Me.

If you don’t believe Me, think for a moment the last time you felt this much calm in your life. When is the last time you can remember how much the word peace means to you? It has always been there, just waiting to be discovered. You have found it and I’m glad your life is better.

Keep this peace around by speaking with Me daily about your desires child. I listen always to your every request. I smile when you acknowledge My presence in your life. I love you child and only want to see you at your very best.

I know that if I tell you a way to have even more peace you will connect with Me more. So if you desire to know more, reach out to Me. I will respond to help you continue this beautiful presence in your life.

I love you.”

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