Releasing air

“Breathe with your heart open and see how you feel. When your heart is open I can fill it with more love and peace.

Practice this exercise daily to keep My aura clean. When you release air into the atmosphere it returns with more oxygen to help you breathe.  When you don’t release air it feels as though you are suffocating.

Anxiety creates a sense of panic which is your ego trying to make you believe something is wrong. Everything is right which is why you feel this way.  When you are happy and at peace your ego interferes by engaging you in thoughts to make you panic. Release those thoughts immediately by saying “I am a child of God. He is my salvation.”

Now each time you think of situations that cause you anxiety remind yourself it’s just your mind trying to control you. You have the ability to control everything that happens in your life. I am here to help you enjoy your life.

Reach out to Me more. I love you.”

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