Chance to meet Me

“Even in your darkest moments I have been there by your side. I never leave My children.

Think back when you were just a child and you were told I did not exist. Those words changed your perception of Me before you had not had a chance to meet Me.

I am the one who has been with you when no other was there. We have been one since the day you were born. I know everything about you because I am you. We are inseparable. We will never be apart. So rest worrying about if I am real. Those who told you that don’t know how to reach Me either.

Go back to those who know Me and ask “who is God?” They will tell you I am the best friend they ever had. I provide for, protect and love all My children dearly.  They don’t want for anything when they seek everything from Me first.

I know all things child. Give Me a chance to show you how much you mean to Me.

I love you. I’m here waiting on your call.”

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