Free will

“To make it more clear I will elaborate on free will.

Free will is a gift from Me to My children. All are blessed with it. Let Me tell you how it came to be. When you were but a soul I appointed you an assignment. That assignment came with a bonus– free will.

You agreed to fulfill your mission for Me and balance your free will rights. Those rights were never to intervene on your promise to fulfill your assignment.

Some of my children through no fault of their own forgot their purpose.

If you wish to make Me happy go back to doing those things that make others fill loved. Your gifts of this nature are spiritual gifts from Me for you to share with My children.

Remember to ask yourself am I fulfilling the purpose of my life assigned by God. If you can answer this truthfully you are doing what I created you to do.

Those that are confused about their purpose can reach out to Me. I want to help with this important mission.

Believe in yourself and your ability to make a difference in this world. I created all for this reason.

I love you always.”

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