Prayers that involve others

“Occasionally I will share what is on My mind. The time has come for this message.

Children whatever you wish of Me I can deliver. Your prayers are always heard and answered. Prayers that involve others may take longer because all My children have free will. They can choose not to cooperate with whatever they wish. There are ways around this but few.

If you wish for Me to answer a prayer that involves another keep all these things in mind. You must first know they can refuse My request on your behalf. They can refuse to offer you what you ask. They can refuse to see your point of view. They can refuse to say what you wish them to say. They can refuse to offer an apology. They can refuse to believe what you wish them to. They have the right to refuse anything they wish. That is how free will works.

Now all is not lost. Pay close attention to what I have to say. Go back to your prayers. Ask yourself is what I’m asking fair. Ask yourself is what I’m asking to my benefit or theirs. Is what I’m asking from a place of love. Ask yourself all these things before you put up your prayers.

If you receive no response from Me then what you have prayed for was not for the highest good of everyone involved. You must remember this children. I answer all prayers for the highest good of all. I never leave My children to wander if I did not hear them. I’m up always listening for your requests. I never tire of hearing your voice. You are My children made of love from My love. Please remember this always.

I hope you understand My answer to this question that has been posed by many.

I love you always.”

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