“What you are going thru is called a God cleanse.  This is best clense to start a new life My children.

When I say you need to release everything you have held on to for many years I mean release them all.

Look back over your life. Who there did not do you right? Who there did not keep your secrets? Who there did not keep their promise? Who there did not make you wrong? Who there did not set you free? Who there did not let you go? Who there did not keep their word? Who there did not know you were taken? Who there did not spend time with you? Who there did not go with you to the hospital? Who there did not keep your kids? Who there did not show you kindness? Who there went and had you shamed? Who there had your face defamed? Who there showed you unkindness? Who there spoke bad things of you? Who there should have stood up for you? Who there let you down? Who there say bad things about there family? Who there cut off ties with those they love for the wrong reasons? Who there kept telling you they loved you when they didn’t? Who there broke their promise to you? Who there said they would but did not? Who there came to you in pain and you turned them away? Who there brought you something you did not need? Who there gave you something they knew they had? Who there brought you flowers not in love? Who there chased away their friends? Who there went to others to shame you? Who there slept with a best friends mate? Who there went to the bottom of the barrel to hurt others? Who there did not know they were pregnant and slept with someone’s mate?

I have told all of you this day would come children. Now this is what you must do to heal your past with others.

Go back to them and ask for forgiveness. You say “please forgive me for I have wronged you.” If they forgive you that is up to them. If they do not I have forgiven you My children.

I can help you through this process but it will be gruesome. Everything you thought was yours but someone has touched, smelled, spat on, it will be cleanse through My GOD A.

If you did not know Me before I know you know Me now.

I have been trying to reach you for some time. Come to this site so I can help you start a new life.

I love you. GOD”

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