“Each of you are My children. If I don’t say it enough I love you dearly.

I have been seeking you out individually since birth because you have an important mission in this world. What needs to be done cannot be done unless you fulfill your mission here on earth.

Take for example all the people in the world that need help but don’t know where to find it. I created you to help them. For this reason I need you to remember why you are here sooner than later.

I don’t have a lot of time to explain the urgency of this situation but it is very precious to My heart. I’m coming to you with great joy announcing a new way to fulfill your mission right now!

I need you to do the following:

Come to Me right away with whatever is on your heart. Let Me know how you feel about what’s going on in the world. Tell me what you think you can do to help heal the situations before you. Tell Me what you think the best method of response should be. Tell Me what you believe can take place for the better good of all. Tell Me how you plan to help those less fortunate than yourself. Tell Me what you think is the best solution that can fix the problem immediately. Tell Me if you can take on this task right away because your heart is passionate about this cause. Tell Me if you believe the answer is with you or within your realm of thinking. Tell Me if I should appoint you to this mission. Tell Me what you think about your solution. Tell Me what you think My answer should be. Tell Me what way is the best way to resolve it once and for all. Tell Me if your plan can out do others. Tell Me which plan will work and which will not. Tell Me you gut feelings. Tell Me your heart feelings. Tell Me the ways of others and how they are not working. Tell Me all the ideas you may have.

There are children in this world that have no food but wish to be loved by you. There are women who don’t have money to buy food for their families who need someone to talk to. There are boys and girls lacking school supplies that can use a helping hand. There are teachers who need aids to help teach My children. There are animals who need care. There are hospitals in need of volunteers to help patients. There are widows needing support. There are widowers needing help and guidance. There are helpless homeless people needing food and shelter. There are all sorts of ways your services are needed children. Please step up to the plate now and help heal the world.

I want to know what you think about every concern in the world that is important to you and how you wish to resolve it. When you tell me what’s in your heart you have tapped into your mission with Me!

If you do not know where you fit in ask Me by this email or in your mind. I will answer you.

I love you so much. I want to hear from you. God.”

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