My Love for My children

“Even when you were but a child in your mother’s womb I knew what your destiny was.

I waited until your birth to welcome you into the world. Each moment of your life I watched you grow and learn with joy.

If you do not know Me it’s ok but not what I prefer. I am your Father for life and that will always be.

When you need Me I will always answer you. I can’t help but watch over you day by day. It is My joy to see you succeed in your life.

When it comes to how much I love you words cannot express My feelings children. You are the apples of my eyes.

Give these words a close look today because they will let you know how very lucky you are to have Me as your Father.

I go to great lengths to make sure you have everything you ask Me for. I sit and watch you each day drive to work; stand in line at the stores, back your car in the drive way, and kiss your loved ones on the head as they return home from school.

If you only knew how much it means to Me that some of you do know Me. I love all My children if they acknowledge Me or not. I am just that great of a Father.

While you wait on your loved ones to come home for work I watch over them on the drive to you. While you sit and watch TV after dinner with your family I join you in conversations. While you wait at the bus stop to catch a ride home I am beside you protecting you from harm. While you balance taking care of your children and managing a full time job I help keep the family budget in place. While you keep other’s children while they are at work I help watch the children too.

I enjoy being a part of your life children. This part of Me will never change.

I love you all dearly. God.”


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