God’s Guidance

If you’ve heard it before, I’m saying it again…each of us has the ability to hear God’s voice. His voice is lively, encouraging, comforting. His guidance is His love in action for our highest good! He wants us to have the happiest life possible.

God is spilling over with information to be conveyed to His children. Sometimes it’s as if my writing can’t keep up with His words.  He’s eager for each of us to spend time with Him often. He longs to be the center of our world. I hear this in so many ways through our talks.

When I finished the first draft of my book and thought it was ready for print, God put the process on hold. I was guided to put more work into it, particularly the chapter about my relationship with Him – what I have learned, how I have changed for the better, how my life has improved working with Him.

So, he shared with me what to share with His children, me and you! I asked general questions about life. He was happy to give me His feedback.  “R” is God’s response to each subject I inquired about:

Subject: Challenges

R: “Challenges are a part of life My darlings. They will come and go. I created them to grow you; make you stronger for the win!”

Subject: Courage

R: “My favorite word children! Each of you have but a mustard seed of courage planted deep within you the size of the world! You can achieve everything in life you wish if you tap into this seed children. It’s there. Waiting to be activated by your words, by your actions for Me. I turn it on when you channel your energy to Me my children! You will see! Try it my children! I love you always!”

Subject: Day to Day Living

R: “Day to day living is a chore my children. It consumes energy, time, patience, courage and motivation. You can manage all things through organization, commitment to priorities and scheduling.  Schedule time to do things that are important to your safety and health. Schedule time to take care of business, see family, see friends. You can do all things better and easily through scheduling or setting your intentions children. Ground yourself when things get too hectic. You are human and can overload your priorities. Work on things one at a time. Focus on the next task when you finish the first. That’s the way to do it children. This way works for all!”

Subject: Divine Timing

R: “Divine Timing is a gift from Me for being patient; for being understanding.  Everything My Children want can’t be given to them at every calling. Other factors always come into play.”

Subject: Faith

R: “Faith is essential for the success of everyone, children. Hold on to it! It’s Me for you, for your Divine destiny children. You can’t achieve all things without faith. Use it! Believe it! Practice it! It’s My gift to you children.”

Subject: Fear

R: “Fear is a villain to steal your joy children. It hangs around the most vulnerable my children. Don’t let it overtake you. Don’t let it strain your essence. You were created to withstand all tests of your time and you can do it children! Just try! Stay focused on the grand prize which is freedom from this villain once and for all children!  Stand strong and tall when your faith is called to action. It can win over fear if you let it!”