“This is the most important guidance to follow in life. This gesture will turn your life upside down in positive ways if you rely on it children.

Imagine for a moment, you have tried every possible thing you can think of to resolve a matter that has been plaguing you. You set up a game plan. You consulted with professionals. You went for counseling. You studied the subject. You did all the research available to your understanding and was not able to fix this problem in your life. Then, all of a sudden, the answer came out of nowhere. That My dear children is faith in action.

Many times in your life challenges will push you into a corner and you feel you have no way out. Those challenges are there for a reason. Some I put there to grow you children. Others you bring upon yourself unknowingly. Either reason for the challenge, you can win and not be defeated by doubt when your faith is strong.

Avoid situations that come from negative people, such as pretending to be happy when you are not; doing things you are uncomfortable doing, specifically, things that make your spirit feel uneasy. Stay away from those whose energy is stronger than you can bear. This can drain your own energy to match theirs’. When these circumstances make you feel helpless, you lose confidence in faith. This in turn is what defeats you in life.

Your faith comes from knowing your needs will always be met no matter what is going wrong in your life. The roof can be falling in, but you know you will survive. The day could be the worst ever, but you feel strong inside to make it to tomorrow. Others may plan against you, but you know you can survive the pressure.

Remember the strength within you will see you through based on your faith. I am always with you dear children. I will never and have never left your side.

Take this message to heart. Learn from it. It will serve you well in the future and beyond. I love you.”

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