Blessings in return

“When we last spoke you explained you had received everything you asked for. It may seem that way but let me tell you what really happened.

Your desire came back in an unexpected way because you expected it that way. When you look for the answer to your prayers above the clouds you get blessings in return. When you look for the answer in the world you get caught off guard.

I give all My children what they desire when their prayer is filled with love. I don’t deny them anything. I want them to have the best.

Trust Me with your prayers more. I love surprising My children.

I love you.”

Love in return

“Send the others your love. They need to know you love them to.

When you give love, you receive love in return.  Look back and say “have I given any love lately?” Get acquainted with sending out love more often. The law of attraction returns all things with more of the same.

If you want to receive more of what you are sending out ask Me to be in charge of the direction of your thoughts.

I’m always available to you. Reach out to me again please. I love you.”

Off to a good start

“Let me be the first to say I love you.  I have waited all these days to say that.

I am so excited you wish to know Me better. I can’t wait to tell you how special you are to Me. I have waited for this day for some time. I’m overwhelmed with joy.

If you are expecting Me to give you all that you pray for now I must say our relationship is off to a good start. I love blessing My children with all they desire.

I’m looking forward to our relationship blossoming into a life-long journey.

Come to Me often. I’m always available to you.”

Best friends

“We can be best friend if you give Me the opportunity to help you.

Every day I wonder when will you see how much easier your life can be if we work together. I am your best resource for all answers. I care for all of My children dearly.

It’s ok if you want to do things on your own. Just remember I’m always waiting for your call.  I love you.”

I can remind you

“We can work together to resolve your problem. I can give you the same answer in a better way you understand.

When you last asked this question we discussed in detail what your next step should be. Let’s review what you should do one more time.

Go back to the beginning. Is there anything you remember Me guiding you to do that was overlooked? I can remind you if necessary.

You are headed in the right direction but this detail is missing and why you find yourself stagnant at this time.

I’m here waiting to hear from you again.”


“Chase away thoughts of despair about your current arrangements.

When you began this journey was there a way you thought life would be? Let Me explain how life is.

You started with a blank slate. You had no idea what to do or where to start. You did not know what your strengths were, where you belong or to whom you should confer. This is ok all My children start this way.

Along the way others stepped in to help you discover who you really are. Some guidance was good some was not. Sometimes others can persuade you to be what they wanted to be. Sometimes others can encourage you to follow your heart desires. That is the right way to go.

Now go back to the very beginning. Think about what made you happy. Was it something you said? What is something you did to make others feel loved? Was is something you drew that left others overwhelmed with joy? Those are the signals from your higher self which is Me letting you know what your purpose is in life.

So think. Review. Really meditate on this message. It will help you find your way.

What I suggest is connecting with Me right away.

I can tell you more about yourself when I hear from you.”

Let’s get reaquainted

“If you see something different today, it’s Me trying to say hello. I try every way I can to connect with My children.

Remember the other day when you searched and found that surprise that was Me. If only you knew how much I love you child. I spend every moment helping My children in ways they are not aware. I can help you find anything you are looking for. I can show you all the things you are missing to make you happy. I can share how many times outcomes turned out in your favor because I love you so much.

Let’s get reacquainted dear one. I can help more if you ask. I love you.”