Seek Me!

““I speak to you this way to reach those who seek Me. I am here, waiting on your call to unite with Me on this journey called life. Believe in Me and I can show you things only your dreams can imagine dear children. Walk with Me now to lighten you load. Talk with Me often to reduce the amount of chatter in your mind. Speak your heart dear ones. Let me know what’s on your minds.

Each of you came here to assist Me in healing the world. I need you to step into your role and do so for Me. Be strong, courageous, honorable, thoughtful, considerate to those that need your support dear ones. I can be of more help in making sure your path is bright, come to Me. Bring your worries and cares. I can heal them which enables you to focus on Me My dear children. I wait for all who seek Me. I’m waiting for you to reach Me dear ones. With love, your Father!”

I look for you with love!

“Dear loved ones,

I come to you this way as other methods have failed. You can reach Me in your hearts, but distractions overwhelm your thought processing.

Give Me a chance to help you dear ones. I am real and ready to build a new relationship with you, children. I can help you in everything you do for me on earth. Prepare for gifts beyond your imagination if you walk with Me. I am here waiting on you; to see this mission through with you. All have the gifts they need to succeed. I have taken great pleasure in crafting each one of you with distinct skills to help each other, and help the world.  I am with you always dear ones. God!”

About Me

Hi, I’m Jacqueline Johnson-Brown.  In 2009 major life changes pushed me unto my Spiritual Path and my life has changed in healthful, happier ways!  I discovered Angels (Spiritual beings, messengers of God) are among us.  Their mission is to help and to heal the earth.  There are also Earth Angels (Lightworkers) here, in the physical world, who help the Angels help others.  Lightworkers are people whose soul volunteered for Divine assignments here on earth. A long story short, I found out who I was with the Angel’s help.  I am a Lightworker aka Spiritual Messenger for the Creator.

At this time in my life, my assignment from God is to share messages of love, hope and joy to His children. Each of us are unique in that we have a specific purpose to fulfill for personal or divine reasons. For those with Divine assignments here on earth, this blog is especially for you! As God speaks through me, so will I share with you. All messages may not resonate with you, but for my words that do, take positive action right away. Your purpose is needed in this world now. Time is of the essence.

I pray that everything I share on behalf of the Creator helps to improve who you are, gain understanding of why you are here and blesses you to be the amazing, beautiful light God created you to be. In Jesus name, Amen!

With sincere love,



About Me

Every part of Me is you

“In the middle of creating this beautiful world you live in I stopped and said “who am I doing this for?”

Every moment of My day is spent thinking about your wellbeing. If you only knew how much I love each of you it would seem like I love you too much.

Let Me tell you about Me:

Every part of Me is you children. I am walking the face of the earth because of you. I am speaking to My children because of you. I am loss for words for the love some of you show Me by praising My name in church. I am loss for words by you leaning on Me when things don’t look good. I am loss for words when you come to Me with your problems. I am loss for words when the only person you think about is Me. Yes just Me.

I want each of you to know the magnitude of My love for you every day you are able to get up from rest. Every time you take a nap I watch over you like the children that you are in My eyes. I worry ceaseless about the care you receive while at the doctor. I never stop thinking about you when you return home late at night from a long days works. I watch over your children when they walk home from school unattended. I look the other way when you do things not of My ways. I shudder when you drink and drive. I cry when you denounce My name. Yes I cry children.

All I can say is I love you more than words can say. Each of you have My love surrounding you every day. This will never go away.”